About this Episode

Here is part 2 of Episode 17: Flash Gitz and Old World Hitz!

NOTE: - This episode was so massive we had to split it into two separate episodes!

Part 1:- Hobby stuff, News, 1st half of Orks Codex lore
Part 2:- 2nd half of Orks Codex lore, Discussion topic

Matt and Cameron give an overview of all the lore from the recent Orks Codex and the upcoming books from Black Library!

Also on the show:-

  • Hobby Updates
  • Blackstone Fortress
  • 40k Mechanicus
  • Warhammer Legends - Beasts of Chaos
  • Chapter Approved 2018 leak!
  • Which heroes from the World-That-Was would we like to return to AoS?


Orks Codex - 00:46
Old World Heroes - 01:33:20

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