Realm & Ruin: A Warhammer Podcast


About Realm & Ruin: A Warhammer Podcast

Welcome to Realm & Ruin!

If you are visiting this website, firstly well done and here is your complimentary fistbump...sorry about that, we forgot we were wearing power armour...

Realm & Ruin was created by Matt and Cameron after co-hosting on another podcast, realising their passion for the Warhammer universes and thought "Hey, why not!"

Each of our episodes are usually a lovely mix of...

  • Hobby - what we have been working on/buying/reading lately
  • News - all the latest Warhammer news
  • Main - we discuss a specific lore topic, or cover a Warhammer novel/codex/battletome
  • Discussion - we round up the show with a short chat about a particular topic!

We love talking about Warhammer but to clarify: -

Realm & Ruin is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

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