Painting Tips with Adrian (SilverShamanStudio)


October 6th, 2018

1 hr 41 mins 16 secs

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About this Episode

Wow look out for this Warhammer curveball! A special episode devoted to painting you say? It's edgy and full of highlighting ;)

Adrian educates Matt and Cameron on where to start, what brushes to use, brands of paint and even how to get into airbrushing!

Enjoy :)

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Adrian's Recommended artists:

Rob Paints Minis, GW style.
Apathetic Fish, GW style.
FlameOnMiniatures, NMM master. Tutorials are Patreon ONLY.
James, inks and washes and vibrant models. Rarely GW paints, mostly P3.
Shoshie, photorealism, Scale75 blending and also NMM.
Other content.
Uncle Atom aka Tabletop Minions
Tabletop tactics
Paepercuts (airbrushing and scenery)

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